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The club has been very ambitious with the move to Castle Hill, but it doesn't stop there!


Our club has always been very well supported and as numbers grow each year we have faced a challenge to meet the practise time needed for juniors and seniors alike. Although we raised some £650,000 for the ground move and pavilions we had on our wish list an artificial net facility too. Funding it was always going to be a challenge - but as before the resourcefulness of our volunteers and committee members has meant we can now build the nets in the winter of 2011 in time for use at the start of the 2012 season. Fundraising isn't finished though for this project so all those with ideas on how we can top up our funds please let me know!


To compliment the nets it would be great to be able to purchase a couple of bowling machines and other practise kit.


Steven Pask Ltd from Grantham who laid our wickets & outfield has been awarded the contract.

One of the benefits of the artificial surface is that we will have little ongoing maintenance of the 4 lane practise area. We will still be able to use the roll on roll off nets we purchased last year but in a more sparing way and when conditions are perfect. All in all it means better practise options for our batters and bowlers at both senior and junior level.

We will keep you posted on progress throughout winter and update the website with some pictures as the installation takes shape.

Artificial Nets Get The Go Ahead........

How it happened.....

Committee Agreement to Nets Project

Tender Process Agreed and Contractors Engaged

Planning Application Made

Tender Process Finalised & Contractor Appointed

Planning with Conditions Granted

Contractor Commences Installation

Nets Completed For Season Start







The club and its youngsters continue their fruitful partnership with Rutland Youth Council - so far the club has through the junior section helped to raise crucial funds to progress the ground, ground manitenance and buildings with Youth Opportunity Funding.


Ed, Sam & Jadene from the youth council met with Jack, Max, Harry & Adi Salt from the club in January to check on the projects progress.


The artificial nets project is another example of this partnership working well - through their support we were able to commission the nets work at the start of 2012 so it would be ready for junior cricket training in late April.


The nets will enable better quality practise in a far safer environment - in addition juniors will be able to make use of bowling machines for batting and fielding practise.


The club has agreed to run some school holiday training sessions at Castle Hill during Spring and Summer to provide additional opportunities for youngsters to get involved in sport. More news on dates and timings to follow.....

Rutland Youth Council.....

Adi Salt

Vice Chairman, Adi Salt has been leading the artificial nets project for the club including supporting the Junior Project.


Opening of the nets and Pre-Season Meeting